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“Everything was perfect. It’s been SO fun to relive the day through these photos by Emily — such talent! We were blessed to have her a part of our day!” -Emily & Jason

Complete Weddings Photographed by Emily


Lets start off with, I love photography. I love Polaroids, digital, film, large format, etc. I love to make images, whatever the means to make it. And because there is a love of photography, there is a love of life. Making images gives me a deeper connection to everything and anything that surrounds me. My camera is a way for me to tell stories and to see the hidden beauty in every moment that passes. It is a tool to adventure, explore and see deeper than words. And that is amazing to me.

I am a Marylander born and raised. I grew up on my family’s greenhouse that has been in the area (and family) since 1901. A majority of my time growing up was spent playing ‘fashion photographer’ on the farm using nature and the industrial greenhouses as my muse. In high school, I continued my love for photography. I basically lived in the darkroom. I’d get myself in trouble for skipping my other classes just to stay there. After high school, I furthered my education in the photography AAS program at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Living and being in NYC broadened my experiences as a photographer. I had the opportunity to intern and assist with a variety of photographers, such as in the field of dance, fashion, and lifestyle.