Bethesda Marriott Wedding Photography

Ceremony location : St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Reception location : Bethesda Marriott

Wedding date : February 18, 2017

Answers to the questions provided by the bride and groom.

Photographs by Laura and Sean
What advice can you give to other couples planning their wedding?
Use vendors you can trust. Finding vendors is easy, finding vendors that you trust is the hard part. Having the peace of mind knowing your vendor has you covered, can work independently, and doesn’t need you to hold their hand all day makes a huge difference.

Were there any online recourses that you found especially helpful?
The, wedding wire, and old faithful, yelp.  I cross-referenced my vendors on all three sources.

What part of the planning process was most fun for you?
Cake tasting!!! I LOVED going into a cake/cupcake shop, getting the celebrity treatment and sampling delicious cakes/cupcakes. It was so much fun!

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?
Pinterest and BRIDE Magazine. I didn’t find anything useful from local bridal expos.

What was your favorite wedding moment?
It was all so wonderful it’s hard to say what my favorite moment was. To be completely honest, everything about our wedding was perfect. I think the most memorable moment was when we played the shoe game. One of the questions was “who has the crazier family?” without hesitation, my husband and I both raised my shoe at the same time. My family burst out cheering! We’re not afraid to let our crazy show!

What was your favorite part of working with us?
Our photographers were absolutely sensational! They were very relaxed and professional throughout the entire event. You could tell that they definitely knew what they were doing. Before the ceremony, I was trying to pin the boutonniere on my dad and I kept stabbing him with the pin. Sean was so nice, he showed me how to pin the boutonniere. What’s ironic about this is that earlier that morning, our other photographer, Laura, did the same thing for my husband. Out of all of my wedding vendors, we are most satisfied with our photographers and their high quality of service.


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