Inn at the Colonnade Wedding Photography

Church: St. Joseph’s Monastery Parish, Baltimore, MD

Reception location : Inn at the Colonnade

Wedding date : April 27, 2019

Photographs by Laura

Veronica and Patrick met in passing in high school since they had a ton of mutual friends, but they didn’t become close until meeting on campus at college.  They ended up moving into the dorms on the same day and became best friends almost right away.  Pretty standard first meeting in a lot of ways, and they got engaged about a year out of school.

Since they had been together for so long, getting engaged wasn’t a surprise, so the only thing Veronica wanted was to be surprised by the proposal itself.  Veronica was positive she would see it coming, but Patrick was adamant that she wouldn’t expect it.  The day he proposed, he told her that he was being held late at work in a meeting.  Little did she know, he had told her whole family his plan and was driving up to surprise her after dinner.  At this point, she was convinced he wasn’t proposing that day, so her family and Veronica ended up going down to her grandfather’s house for hot dogs.  After dinner, they lured her outside onto the deck, as Patrick snuck behind her and got down on one knee.  Needless to say, he succeeded – seeing him on one knee behind me was the last thing I was expecting.

Her grandmother actually passed away a couple of months before they got engaged and right before her 60th wedding anniversary.  They were all extremely close as a family, so she wanted to find some way to honor her memory and their marriage.  As they were going through their wedding photos from the 1950s, She realized she had never seen the church where they had gotten married.  She sat and looked at the photos of St. Joseph’s Monastery Parish, and Patrick and she both thought that getting married there would be a great way to bring their story full circle as they began their own life together.

Patrick’s advice to all the grooms: “Try to help, but most of all, don’t get in the way.”
Advice from Veronica: “Remember that it’s just a day and that even if something small goes wrong, it really doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t undo the hours of work you put into planning, and at the end of the day, you’re married.  Just lower the pressure – you will never find a way to please everyone.”
Advice from both of them:  “On the day of the wedding, preferably after the ceremony, find a moment just the two of you to take it all in and just be present with each other.  You’ll be partying and playing host for the rest of the evening, so those 5 minutes where you can just sit alone are some of the moments you’ll never forget.  Also, go on the honeymoon right after if you can!  After months of the stress and all the changes from marriage, you won’t want to go back to work, so just leave, go relax, and have some fun with each other before going back to the real world.”

The food tasting was the most run part of the planning process for them. The whole family came, and they had a ton of fun talking with the chef and trying the different dishes and cake flavors. Veronica loved finding the wedding dress.  After watching all that Say Yes to the Dress, it was a ton of fun trying on all the dresses with her family.

They found inspiration at her grandparent’s wedding.  Besides their Catholic faith, which is incredibly important to both of them, they really wanted to be able to connect to their families and friends now and those who were before us.

Their favorite moment was “KISS HER!!”  – They were so caught up in the emotion that they forgot to kiss after the Mass, so one of their guests screamed out to remind them.  The entire church (and Laura!) was laughing. Seeing the two sides of the families find common ground with some homemade egg nog – Patrick’s uncle brought a whole tub of *very* stiff, homemade egg nog (with a hand mixer to keep it frothy) to the reception.  About halfway through, her Colombian half of the family found out it was there, and they got to watch the two families of two very different cultural backgrounds find something that immediately united them.  Everyone had a great time and the party kept going for hours!

“Both Roman and Laura were absolutely wonderful to work with.  Day of, I wasn’t worried about anything.  Laura was completely in control and calm the entire day, and knew exactly how to structure all the photos and keep us on schedule.  Favorite moment was when she helped calm down Patrick’s two-year-old nephew who was getting tired and hungry before the reception.  She helped keep him focused and calm right for the last couple of photos and even got him to give her his toy bus for the picture.  To sum up, Roman is incredibly organized and knowledgeable (though I didn’t work with him directly as a photographer), and Laura was great to have with us capturing our entire day.  Not to mention, the pictures are gorgeous!”

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