Liriodendron Mansion Wedding Photos – Harford County, Maryland

Built in 1898 as a simple summer home for Dr. Howard and Laetitia Kelly, the Liriodendron Mansion and its original 200 plus acres remained a private residence held by the same family and its heirs for almost a century. In 1980 the beautiful manor and surrounding area was sold to Hartford County and the Liriodendron foundation was formed.

Since transferring from a private residence, Liriodendron Mansion has transformed into a beautifully maintained Palladian style mansion open to the public for special occasions such as a wedding. The grounds offer a number of locations for a wedding that can be tailor chosen to fit the couple. Popular locations include the edge of the woods, the wisteria canopied terrace, the main hall, or in front of the fireplace. Obviously all of these locations not only provide excellent backdrops for wedding ceremonies but they’re fantastic locations for wedding photos.

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liriodendron mansion wedding photos

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