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My path towards wedding photography began as a street photographer. It was a master class in spontenaety and capturing different and unexpected angles. The difference between a good photograph and a great one is that one is insprired by, and evokes genuine emotion and the human experience. That experience in capturing the world from the viewpoint of an onubtrusive observer, allowing the world to steer its course around me, and plucking those fleeting moments was a formative one. It was an almost natural evolution to wedding photography. Candid moments and creative opportunities that pepper the day are not only opportunities to tell each couple’s story, but are what fuel my love for wedding photography and brings out the best in me.
I think my favorite part of the day is the preparations before the ceremony. The anticipation, excitement, and healthy dose of nerves are a beautiful way to begin their story. Practicing recitation of vows (or often, taking that time to write them), those calm moments and deep breaths after the dress is on and it’s almost time to go, are such beautifully revealing times and I find myself so privileged to be that observer charged with capturing those moments. It’s moments like those that draw me so closely to weddings and celebrations of love.