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In 2010, I photographed my friend’s wedding, which was an awakening experience. I truly loved being a part of these joyous events and the direction that wedding pointed me in was very clear.  I didn’t want it to end & as a result followed the path towards becoming a full-time wedding photographer.

It’s been almost 8 years and over 300 weddings since that first wedding and I must say, it has been such an amazing journey.  I have enjoyed working with so many wonderful couples and am honored to have been a part of their celebrations. When it comes to describing my work, I think of two influences- photojournalism and spontaneous photography. Capturing the true emotion & spontaneity of the day are some of the things that I love about being a photographer.

I also believe that lighting is an essential element of wedding photography.  My simple approach is, if there isn’t good lighting, make it with flashes!   I love the vibrant color that flashes can create and have found that my clients really appreciate this creative element in my work.

The last 8 years photographing weddings have been wonderful & I look forward to many more.