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“I had Thomas as my main photographer and Shamus as my secondary photographer. Both were extremely professional and helpful. And the pictures were incredible! They captured every moment and emotion from the day. Now my husband and I have almost 2000 pictures to remember our wedding day by! I can’t wait to make albums for my family!” – Amanda & Jeffrey


I didn’t grow up around photography. I started playing around with cameras about nine years ago as a creative outlet beyond my profession as a computer systems administrator. Then, about a year later when I got married, I found that I really enjoyed the whole photography aspect of a wedding. I have been a wedding photographer ever since. I find they provide a great way for me to be artistic and creative. Seven years ago, my daughter was born. She provides me with inspiration every day. It’s amazing how little minds work and the pure way they see the world. I try to use a little of that vision in every wedding that I shoot. Each wedding should be pure to that wedding day, with the wedding photographer there simply to capture the event as it happens. Weddings are about the little moments that happen throughout the day, and documenting those moments is what I enjoy. I want you to enjoy looking back at those moments for years to come.