Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

To make planning a little easier, we have compiled a list of FAQ’s. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.

Do we get to choose the wedding photographer we’d like to work with?
Yes, absolutely. We show individual wedding portfolios with the work of each of our wedding photographers and give you the opportunity to select your favorite. If you decide to add a second photographer, you will be able to select that photographer as well. There are no “main” or “secondary” photographers so when you hire 2 photographers you get two primary photographers. This is not the case with most studios who may bring a second photographer with less experience. All of our photographers are equally skilled and will work as a team to ensure that your wedding day coverage will be complete. Encouraging you to select who you want to work with will provide peace of mind in knowing exactly who your photographer (s) will be. We believe that this approach is far better than having a studio assign a random photographer to you.

Can we speak with the photographer before signing a contract?
Again, absolutely. We are so confident you’ll love our photographers we give you the opportunity to speak with them.

Can we see complete weddings by each of the photographers?
Yes. Complete weddings by each of our photographers can be seen here and more when we meet. We show the full wedding in order to provide a sense of how each of our photographers tells a complete story. We show images specifically from the photographer who will be documenting your wedding, and emphasize that it’s very important to see the work of the photographer you will be hiring rather than the studio’s general portfolio.

Why are you so affordable?
We believe that quality photography shouldn’t be reserved for those with only the most extravagant wedding budgets. Our intention is to provide excellent service & products at a fair price in order to work with a wide range of clients planning all types of weddings. From the intimate backyard affair to the high end hotel wedding, we’re always honored to be a part of your most important day. See what couples are saying about us on Wedding Wire and The Knot. Read reviews where you’ll see that our average rating is 4.9 out of 5 on Wedding Wire and 5 of 5 on The Knot.

Will our photographer shoot another wedding on the same day?
No. Each photographer does one wedding per day. Once you reserve your photographer, we block off the whole day just for you.

Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG’s format?
All images are captured in RAW format, producing more vibrant colors and superior print quality. RAW format also allows us to do more post processing and make any necessary adjustments to the images. We deliver high resolution Jpegs which make it easier for you to use the files and make prints. By starting with a RAW file we can deliver a better Jpeg file for you to make beautiful and vibrant prints. If a photographer captures images in Jpeg format, there’s very limited post processing and editing that can be done and large prints may look distorted. Since RAW is the standard format for professional wedding photographers, someone capturing images in Jpeg format might be a sign of an amateur photographer. Many studios shoot in JPEG format because it’s easier and there’s less post production work for them. The images come straight out of the camera “as-is”. Then it becomes your responsibility to color correct the images. Also, JPEG’s don’t have nearly as much information in the digital file which means you can’t make large prints and lose the beautiful rich colors you want.

Do you post-process the images?
Yes. We go through each image to make any necessary adjustments. We have 4 editing options for you to choose from. We believe your images deserve the extra work. Unfortunately, not all photographers spend the time required to post process wedding images which can be time consuming. Make sure to ask the photographers you interview what type if any post processing they do. You definitely don’t want a photographer to simply hand over the files without post processing them.

How many images will you post process/edit and how many will we receive?
We like to deliver as many images as possible and generally, depending on the number of hours covered, most couples receive about 1000 post processed images for one photographer and 1600 post processed images for two photographers. The only images we remove are those with eyes closed, out of focus, etc.  Some photographers only post process/edit a handful of images out of the hundreds they may deliver to you. We believe that all of your delivered images should be processed/edited. Some like to over edit and remove too many images that they personally don’t like such as people mingling and other more general wedding images. They may feel that these images are not anything special and should be removed.  We believe that these types of images, although they may not be the most dynamic, are important in providing a well rounded representation of your day. We believe in delivering all usable images which are captured.

Do we have unlimited rights for using our images as we wish including making our own prints, albums, and posting them online?
Yes, we give you unlimited rights to use the images as you wish including making your own prints, albums, and posting them online.

Do you offer Videography?

We specialize exclusively in wedding photography, prioritizing mastery and depth in this craft. By dedicating ourselves solely to photography, we ensure undivided attention to capture every special moment of your wedding day. Our approach emphasizes quality, consistency, and a personalized touch. While we understand the allure of all-in-one packages, our mission is to provide unparalleled depth in photography, ensuring that your wedding memories are captured with the utmost expertise and care. You can read Photography-Only Studios: The Clear Advantage Over All-in-One Wedding Services

How many images do you take at a wedding?
We don’t limit the number of exposures we take. On average we take approximately 2,000 images per photographer.

Are two photographers better than one?
There are a variety of factors that go into deciding whether you should have one or two photographers. We offer a range of scheduling options for our second photographers, whether needed for just part of the day or the entire duration of your event.

If you’re having a larger wedding (more than 150 people) a second photographer should be considered. This is not to say that an experienced photographer can’t handle a large wedding on their own.

Consider whether you are getting ready at the same location. If you are getting ready at 2 locations at the same time, a second photographer might be beneficial. If you decide that one photographer works best for you, we can still capture getting ready at 2 locations as long as there is ample time allowed.

In some situations such as church weddings, some churches restrict the photographer’s ability to move during the ceremony. In this case, a second photographer might be able to provide additional angels. One photographer can absolutely still capture all the key moments at a church ceremony without a second photographer.

If you decide to have portraits taken during the cocktail hour and also would like coverage of the cocktail hour, a second photographer might be a good idea.

In any of these situations, a second photographer isn’t required but should be considered. Every wedding & couple is different and there are many factors to consider.  We are always happy to discuss your wedding and make any recommendations.

If you decide to add a second photographer, you will be able to select that photographer as well. Since not all studios will show you the work of their second photographers or give you the opportunity to choose a specific second photographer, it’s a good idea to ask who your second photographer would be and to see their work.

Do you use assistants?
Since we are wedding photojournalists who document weddings in a more natural way, we don’t use assistants. With our documentary approach, assistants would actually get in the way and we would not be able to blend in and tell the story as it unfolds. Assistants are used more by traditional photographers who tend to do lots of posing. They generally just assist the photographer with setting things up and do not actually do any photographing. With us, if you hire two photographers you get two photographers & not a primary & their helper. Each one will work extremely hard to assure that your coverage is seamless & your experience is excellent.

What do you require to reserve the photographer?
To reserve your selected photographer we require a signed contract and a deposit by check or credit card. No credit card fee.

What happens after we reserve the photographer?
Our whole process is designed to make sure the planning of your wedding is as stress-free as possible. Two months before the wedding, you’ll receive a wedding questionnaire to give us additional details about your day. A few weeks before the wedding, your photographer will call you to go over the details and to make sure we have all the information we need.

What is your back up plan in case there’s an emergency?
Unlike most solo photographers, we have an extensive back up system in place to assure that an emergency doesn’t ruin your wedding. Because there are several of us, you can be assured that your wedding will be covered if your chosen photographer becomes severally ill or is in an accident. In addition to the photographers within the studio, we also have an extensive back up list of great photographers we know and respect in the area. We have staff on call for wedding days who will have your wedding information as well as all relevant contact information. You will be given their contact information before the wedding in case of an emergency. I am very happy to say that in 19 years we have never missed a wedding.

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