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Wedding Photographers Serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Quick Facts About Us & Our Approach
We are a local wedding photography studio & have been documenting weddings & making couples happy since 2001
• Awarded the Couples Choice Award from Wedding Wire & The Knot’s Best of Weddings award
• Capture real & unscripted moments to tell your story of the day as it naturally unfolds
• Unobtrusive, photojournalistic wedding photography & artistic portraits will assure an enjoyable experience & beautiful images
• Assist with organizing family group photos & provide gentle direction of creative couple portraits
• Select your photographer & speak with them before the wedding
• Payment options by credit card or check. No credit card fee.
• Back up photographers in case of an emergency
• All post processing & editing done by Roman
• We have 4 editing options for you to choose from
• Full rights & print release giving you unlimited usage of your images for making prints, albums, posting online, etc

Tips for Hiring a Photography Studio (more details here)
• Choose your photographer at the time of the agreement; don’t let the studio assign the photographer
• Review the photographer’s portfolio for your wedding, not the studio’s overall portfolio
• RAW format for optimal quality & editing capabilities; avoid hiring studios that capture images in JPEG format
• Ensure the photographer has backup equipment; avoid those with only one camera and lens
• Backup photographers for emergencies; avoid hiring one without this contingency plan

Wedding Photographers

We are local award-winning wedding photographers who capture real & unscripted moments, and creative portraits, without interfering with the natural flow of the day. Our unobtrusive, photojournalistic wedding photography & artistic portraits will assure an enjoyable experience & beautiful images to tell your story. Although, our approach is to tell the story of the day as it naturally unfolds, we always help with organizing family group photos and provide gentle direction of couple portraits. We are passionate about telling your story and have been trusted by thousands of couples.

Our wedding photographers are experts in telling the visual story of your day through our documentary-style (photojournalistic) approach to photography. We unobtrusively capture the natural flow of your wedding day as it unfolds. 

Our wedding photography team is diverse and each of us brings our own unique style and perspective to your wedding day. Because you choose your photographer, you will find that we offer a variety of styles including documentary or photojournalist, vintage, modern, contemporary, lifestyle, and classic. Each one of our photographers has an individual portfolio and biography that you can look at.

Our unique documentary approach is combined with the fine art of photography to produce creative and storytelling images. We strive to capture the joy, spontaneity, and excitement in all of your special moments.

Our professional photographers consist of some of the most experienced & visionary wedding photographers in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area.

For 23 years our professional photographers have visually told the story of your special days by capturing your most special and authentic moments. Let us tell your unique story by framing every detail of each moment with our creative documentary approach.

We offer a personal approach to our wedding photography from start to finish, that begins with showcasing the work of each of our wedding photographers and giving the opportunity to select your favorite. We even have back up photographers in case of an emergency. We’re happy to say we have never missed a wedding. Our personal attention to detail continues when you speak with your photographer before the wedding and ends with our post processing & editing, which is all hand done by Roman. This way, you can be assured of our consistent quality.

In recognition of our award-winning photography, outstanding customer service, and glowing reviews from many happy clients, we’ve been awarded the Couples Choice Award from Wedding Wire & The Knot’s Best of Weddings award.