Mexican Cultural Institute Wedding Photography

Ceremony location : All Souls Unitarian Church

Reception location : Mexican Cultural Institute

Wedding date : June 15, 2019

Photographs by Roman

It was during the government shutdown in January, so Art had a lot of extra time to plan his proposal. He wrote a beautiful 5-page poem and read it to Megan at the place where they had picnicked for their first date. The poem, which he read just as the first thick flakes of heavy snow were starting to fall, ended with the line, “Will you marry me?” It also talked about the plum seed that he had saved from their first date, so plums were an important theme of the wedding.

It was a no-brainer to have the ceremony at the church they both attended, and the Mexican Cultural Institute was just pure luck. They were looking at all the venues within a reasonable distance and everything in DC was so expensive. They started to get creative and thought, what’s close to the church? The Mexican Cultural Institute is right next door and happens to be an incredibly beautiful place.

They thought the wedding process can be both fun and stressful at times, but if you plan it together you can work on building decision-making and communication skills that will be important to your marriage later. They even opted to write their vows together, as a way of working out what they wanted their marriage to be. All their planning resulted in something that they were both incredibly happy with.

Art’s favorite part of wedding planning was planning the music. As a musician, it was particularly important for him, and they ended up having a string trio for the ceremony, a tattooed hipster hot jazz band from Baltimore for the reception, and lots of friends helping in between. They assembled a group of really wonderful friends to lead a New Orleans-style second-line parade from the ceremony to the reception and it was such a fun way to get the party started! They even had a drummer from Batala and an elementary school music teacher playing the recorder, and they ended the parade with a singalong to “All You Need Is Love”. For Megan, the most fun part might have been finding her perfect 1930s Old Hollywood silk dress at a charity shop in Rockville called Fairytale Brides.

Their bouquet toss was epic! Instead of a traditional toss for single ladies, they opted for an all-gender dance-off. Megan defined the criteria for winning as “blow my mind and show us your love,” and everybody succeeded on that front as they just started going nuts out on the dance floor. The clear winner eventually rose above the crowd–literally–when the other dancers lifted him up onto their shoulders. But instead of keeping the bouquet, he tossed it again, to another person who tossed it again, and then to a third person who tossed it again to a fourth! It brought home one of the themes they had in their vows–that they should share their love and spread it to others.

“The photography was one of the easiest decisions we made! Roman was great–easy to work with, super-efficient, and generally unobtrusive. A real professional.”





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