Questions To Ask a Wedding Photographer

1. Do you capture images in RAW format?
2. Do you post process and edit the images?
3. How many images will you post process/edit?
4. Do we have unlimited rights for using our images as we wish, including making our own prints, albums, and posting them online?
5. What is your back up plan in case there’s an emergency on the wedding day?
6. If we decide that we want a second photographer, who will that be and can we see their work?
7. How many images will we receive and how much do you edit out?
8. Can we see examples of complete weddings?
Our answers to the above questions:

1. All images are captured in RAW format, producing more vibrant colors and superior print quality. RAW format also allows us to do more post processing and make any necessary adjustments to the images. We deliver high resolution Jpegs which make it easier for you to use the files and make prints. By starting with a RAW file we can deliver a better Jpeg file for you to make beautiful and vibrant prints. If a photographer captures images in Jpeg format, there’s very limited post processing and editing that can be done and large prints may look distorted. Since RAW is the standard format for professional wedding photographers, someone capturing images in Jpeg format might be a sign of an amateur photographer.

2. Yes. We look at each image to color correct and touch up when necessary. We believe your images deserve the extra work. Unfortunately, not all photographers spend the time required to post process wedding images, which can be time consuming. Make sure to ask the photographers you interview what type if any post processing they do. You definitely don’t want a photographer to simply hand over the files without post processing them. Post processing entails color balance (adjust the color), touching up the images, and possibly applying creative effects. If the files are not post processed and delivered as-is then it becomes your responsibility to do the post processing.

3. Some photographers only post process/edit a handful of images out of the hundreds they may deliver to you. We believe that all of your delivered images should be processed/edited. Depending on the number of hours covered, most of our couples receive about 1000 post processed images for one photographer and 1600 post processed images for two photographers.

4. Yes, we give you unlimited rights to use the images as you wish including making your own prints, albums, and posting them online.

5. Unlike most solo photographers, we have an extensive back up system in place to assure that an emergency doesn’t ruin your wedding. Because there are 8 of us, you can be assured that your wedding will be covered if your chosen photographer becomes severely ill or is in an accident. In addition to the photographers within the studio, we also have an extensive back up list of great photographers we know and respect in the area. We have staff on call for wedding days who will have your wedding information as well as all relevant contact information. You will be given their contact information before the wedding in case of an emergency. I am very happy to say that in 15 years we have never missed a wedding.

6. All of our photographers are equally skilled, so with us you actually get a second photographer & not an assistant or junior photographer.  There are no “main” or “secondary” photographers so when you hire 2 photographers you get two primary photographers. You also get to pick the second photographer after reviewing everyones portfolios. This is not the case with most studios who bring a second photographer with less experience. You most likely will not know who they are or have seen their work before your wedding.

7. We like to deliver as many images as possible and generally depending on the number of hours, deliver between 800-1200 images per photographer. The only images we take out are ones with eyes closed, out of focus, etc. Some photographers like to over edit and remove too many images that they personally don’t like such as people mingling and other more general wedding images. They may feel these images are not amazing and should be removed. We believe these images, although they may not be the most dynamic, are important in representing your family and friends. We believe in delivering all the usable images and most of them will be amazing.

8. Some photographers only show their best wedding images from several different weddings. While this is ok as an initial preview, Its very important to see a larger collection of about 50-60 images from one wedding to see how the complete story was told. Looking at a complete set of wedding photos is always an option when working with us.