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Strathmore Mansion Wedding Photography


The Strathmore Mansion is a noted home for the arts in Maryland, first created in 1899. But the home was originally just that, a private residence. It wasn’t until 1943 when the land and home were divided, the majority going to St. Mary’s Academy. It wasn’t until 1979 that Strathmore was turned into the county’s first center for the arts. A resounding success in the region, on the five year anniversary Gudelsky Gazebo was dedicated for outdoor performances.

The Strathmore has continued to grow and rise in popularity and its beautiful sweeping 11 acres have turned this location into a favorite for couples looking for a perfect spot to capture their wedding photos.

Besides the elegant Strathmore Mansion itself and the Gudelsky Gazebo, the sculpture garden is a very popular location for wedding photos. The sculpture garden at Strathmore is laid out in a variety of settings winding through the 11 acres of meticulous landscaping. With the distinct different areas there are a huge number of options for wedding photos with unique perspective.

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Strathmore Mansion wedding photos