Your Ultimate Guide to Annapolis Wedding Venues

Nestled along the shimmering waters of the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis boasts a romantic tapestry of colonial history and nautical charm, making it an idyllic location for couples to begin their forever. Annapolis is a stunning backdrop for any couple’s nuptials with its cobblestone streets, graceful colonial homes, and elegant gardens. Annapolis wedding venues offer breathtaking settings, each with a story and character. From the serene bay views to the grandeur of historic estates, every venue presents an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city, is a treasure trove of venues perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Annapolis wedding venues cater to a spectrum of tastes, from the couple seeking a traditional, maritime-themed celebration to those dreaming of a sophisticated, modern affair. Couples can exchange vows with the historic State House as their backdrop or prefer the intimacy of a private charter yacht sailing the Chesapeake Bay. Whether it’s the grandeur of a ballroom or the intimacy of a garden setting, Annapolis provides an exceptional variety of options to suit the unique vision of every couple.

Selecting the perfect venue from the array of Annapolis wedding venues is more than just booking a location; it’s about finding the quintessential canvas to paint the memories of your special day. The correct setting reflects the couple’s personality and ensures that each moment is captured with a photographer’s keen eye against a backdrop that tells their story. The magic of Annapolis, with its harmonious blend of historical elegance and natural beauty, provides a plethora of stunning venues that serve not just as a stage for the day’s events but as a partner to the photographic artistry that will immortalize the wedding day.

Why Choose Annapolis for Your Wedding

Annapolis is the perfect tapestry for couples envisioning their wedding enveloped in natural splendor and a sense of history. The city’s scenic beauty, from its sparkling waterfronts to lush greenery, offers a multitude of picture-perfect spots. Coupled with the historic backdrop of colonial architecture and cobbled pathways, these venues provide an ambiance that is both timeless and enchanting. Each venue within the Annapolis area presents its narrative, promising more than just a location but a chapter in the couple’s love story. It’s no wonder that Annapolis wedding venues are sought after for their ability to offer more than just a setting but an entire, immersive experience.

Annapolis is a treasure chest of wedding locales, each offering a distinct flavor and setting for matrimonial celebrations. Couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of the serene Chesapeake Bay, with waterfront venues offering panoramic views that are as sweeping as they are romantic. The majesty of Annapolis is also embodied in its historic mansions, where the grandeur of past eras is preserved, offering a stately elegance that adds a touch of aristocratic charm to any wedding. Annapolis boasts modern facilities that provide sleek and stylish spaces for those with a contemporary taste. These venues fuse the latest trends with comfort, offering state-of-the-art amenities for a truly modern matrimonial experience. Each option within the Annapolis wedding venues is a portal to a unique ambiance, ensuring every couple finds a place that resonates with their vision.

Annapolis wedding venues’ kaleidoscope is diverse in style and rich in photographic opportunities, enabling couples to immortalize their special day with stunning visuals. Waterfront venues allow photographers to capture the ethereal glow of sunset over the bay, creating a romantic tableau with the couple silhouetted against the shimmering water. Historic mansions offer a classical backdrop, with their grand architecture and manicured gardens providing a regal setting for candid moments and posed elegance. Meanwhile, modern facilities boast clean lines and expansive spaces, allowing for creative compositions and a contemporary feel in the resulting images. Each setting in Annapolis provides a unique array of scenes and moments for photographers to craft a visual narrative that echoes the couple’s personal love story.

Top Annapolis Wedding Venues

Historic Mansions and Estates

William Paca House and Garden

    • Description: A National Historic Landmark featuring a restored 18th-century mansion and a beautiful two-acre colonial garden.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The romantic garden bridges, reflective fish-shaped pond, and period furnishings inside the mansion.

Charles Carroll House

    • Description: A historic home of the signer of the Declaration of Independence, offering a glimpse into colonial life with waterfront views.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The terraced gardens and the Annapolis harbor are in the background.

James Brice House

    • Description: A grand example of pre-Revolutionary architecture with detailed craftsmanship, hosting intimate weddings in its elegant spaces.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The impressive grand staircase and the ornate colonial rooms.

Historic London Town and Gardens

    • Description: A 23-acre park featuring history, archaeology, and horticulture with a stunning waterfront pavilion.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The woodland gardens and the South River create a serene setting.

Governor Calvert House

    • Description: Part of the Historic Inns of Annapolis, this venue is steeped in history with colonial charm, ideal for elegant weddings.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The antique furnishings and the period walled garden.


    • Description: An iconic Annapolis estate offering a grand mansion with a sweeping view of the Chesapeake Bay.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The rolling lawns that lead to the water’s edge and the pristine white architecture.

Waterfront Venues

Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park

    • Description: Set on the shores of Back Creek with a view of the Chesapeake Bay, this venue provides a mix of history and nature.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The docks, bay views, and the museum’s oyster shell-filled beach.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    • Description: A sustainable facility with a private beach and a deck overlooking the bay, perfect for an eco-friendly wedding.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The beach setting and the building’s award-winning architecture.

Herrington on the Bay

    • Description: An eco-lifestyle resort with exquisite gardens and two waterfront venues, including a yacht club and a manor house.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The palm trees, waterfront views, and the elegantly landscaped gardens.

The Waterfront Historic Kent Manor Inn

    • Description: This historic inn offers a Victorian touch and a waterfront view, perfect for a romantic and intimate wedding.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The private beach, historic inn façade, and the Victorian garden gazebo.

Bay Ridge Marina

    • Description: A secluded marina setting offers a private waterfront experience with spectacular bay bridge views.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The serene docks, yachts, and the iconic bay bridge silhouette.

South River Golf Club

    • Description: Not only for golf enthusiasts, this venue has a stunning clubhouse with panoramic views of the South River.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The lush green fairways and waterfront vistas.

Modern and Unique Spaces

The Westin Annapolis

    • Description: A contemporary hotel venue with modern amenities, elegant ballrooms, and custom catering services.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The sophisticated interior design and the cityscapes from the upper floors.

Annapolis Yacht Club

    • Description: A prestigious venue known for its sailing tradition, offering a modern space with a maritime atmosphere.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The nautical-themed interiors and the stunning views of the Annapolis waterfront.

The Hotel Annapolis

    • Description: A boutique hotel with chic urban décor and versatile event spaces, including a grand ballroom and a rooftop terrace.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The city views from the rooftop and the elegant contemporary interiors.

Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park

    • Description: It offers a modern bay room with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving a panoramic view of the bay alongside the historic McNasby Oyster Company building.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The modern space has expansive views of the bay and the museum’s waterfront park.

Crowne Plaza Annapolis

    • Description: A hotel with sleek, modern event spaces, providing a full-service wedding experience with all the amenities.
    • Unique Photography Backdrops: The stylish ballroom and the hotel’s contemporary art pieces.

Planning Your Annapolis Wedding

Best Times of Year for Annapolis Weddings

  • Spring
    • As Annapolis awakens with colorful blooms and mild temperatures, spring is ideal for those seeking a natural, floral backdrop.
    • Venues: Gardens and estates come alive, making outdoor Annapolis wedding venues highly sought after during this season.
  • Summer
    • Warm and vibrant, summer offers longer days perfect for sunset ceremonies by the water.
    • Venues: Waterfront venues are popular, with the bay providing a cooling breeze and spectacular nautical scenery.
  • Fall
    • The crisp air and changing leaves provide a stunning palette of reds, oranges, and gold, ideal for an outdoor ceremony.
    • Venues: Historic mansions with lush grounds offer a picturesque setting, embodying the rich warmth of Annapolis wedding venues.
  • Winter
    • While more relaxed, winter weddings can be magical with holiday lights and potentially a dusting of snow.
    • Venues: The elegant ballrooms of Annapolis’ hotels and mansions offer a cozy and festive atmosphere, making them perfect venues for a winter wedding celebration.

Annapolis wedding venues in each season present an array of options, each with its charm and advantages, ensuring that couples can find the perfect match for their preferred wedding date.

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