Tips for Finding a Photo-Friendly Wedding Venue

The question has been asked and you have answered with a resounding “Yes!” Now, it’s time for the wedding planning to begin. For many couples, finding the right wedding venue in the Washington DC region can be overwhelming. There are fantastic options in DC, throughout Maryland and into Virginia.

As you consider the location of the wedding venues and the price to rent it, you’ll also want to think about whether it’s a photo-friendly spot. Your wedding photographer will capture the most romantic moments of your day, and the wedding venue will be featured in most of them. Selecting a venue that lends itself to beautiful photos will allow you to remember your wedding in the best light possible.

These tips will help you select a photogenic wedding venue:

Identify Wedding Venues that Suit Your Theme

Your theme and vision for your wedding should reflect your personal interests. For example, if as a couple, the two of you love barn wood decor and enjoy a rustic lifestyle, then you will want to locate different barns and farmhouses in the area where you can host your wedding. It’s important that your venue and the decor complement each other, so that your photographs can accurately reflect the style of your wedding day.

Consider the Lighting in Each Venue

Many couples tour their venues during the daytime hours, which means that many of the ballrooms and dance floors are showcased in bright daylight. However, many weddings take place during the evening, when the lighting is completely different. You will want to envision the space at all hours of the day, particularly during the sunset in the evening and after dark. You also will want to take note of the direction that the venue or space faces, so that you know where the sun will be shining throughout your wedding day. It’s important to work with a skilled wedding photographer, who can create beautiful images in low light and other challenging conditions.

Brainstorm Ideas for Wedding Backdrops

As you explore the venue and consider the location of the ceremony, the dinner and the dancing, you also should take note of where you could take portraits on your wedding day. Many couples prefer to book a location that has a private outdoor area, such as a garden or a balcony. Others want to have grand indoor photographs on an elegant staircase, or in an intimate alcove.

If you are looking for ideas on the best place to host your wedding in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, consider asking your photographer for recommendations. An experienced, local wedding photographer can provide you with helpful insight as to which venues photograph the best.

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