Sean’s Portfolio

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Experience as a wedding photographer: 23 years
Number of years working for the studio: 8 years

So, a bit about myself. I live in Maryland & love making portraits of people and animals. I am a wanderer who loves traveling to places both familiar and unknown and just getting lost with my camera. I love telling stories with my camera and for me, weddings are a perfect blend of story telling and portraiture. Capturing the events of a wedding day is fast paced and full of emotion. The fact that I get to capture these emotions, these bits of life happening in a fraction of a second & turn them into art is a big part of why I love what I do. I love meeting new people and seeing new places.

I have an associates and a bachelors degree in photography. I majored in both photojournalism and portraiture. I have been in the wedding and portrait photography business since 2001. My approach to wedding photography is to make everyone comfortable enough with my presence that they can really be themselves. This allows me to anticipate emotion and interaction throughout the day. A wedding is an intimate event & I’m always honored to be the one entrusted with capturing some of life’s most amazing moments.