Choosing Your Wedding Style

The early days of wedding planning can feel like a whirlwind adventure. Your mind is swirling in the aftermath of the proposal as you bask in the glow of romance and begin to bring your wedding dreams to life. It’s an exciting time, but it also can be overwhelming. So while you search for wedding venues in Washington DC and begin to think about what type of wedding ceremony you would like to have, it’s essential to narrow down your wedding style as quickly as possible. By determining the theme of your wedding in the earliest days of the planning process, you will be able to incorporate it into every element of your wedding. 

Wedding Themes that are Trending in Washington DC 

As with anything, wedding theme trends tend to ebb and flow, so it’s always important to be aware of the up-and-coming themes that couples choose for their weddings in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. 

These are some of the most popular wedding styles at the moment: 

  • The Vintage Glam Approach — If you love to indulge in the beauty of nostalgia, then a vintage glam wedding may be the best choice for you. With this style, you would focus on creating a timeless sense of beauty throughout the day and including elements from decades gone by. 
  • The Country Chic Style — The farmhouse trend arrived a few years ago, showing no signs of slowing down. If you dream of a wedding in a rural locale with a barn as the focal point, then country chic may be the perfect option.
  • The Sophisticated Traveler — Adventurous couples who enjoy a jet-setting lifestyle incorporate their passion for exploration by hosting travel-themed weddings. The sophisticated traveler style allows you to take your guests along for the journey.
  • The Secret Garden Design — The fairytale wedding no longer includes grand carriages and elaborate ballrooms but rather the immersive experience of stepping into a secret garden. If you can find one of the wedding venues in Washington DC that incorporates hundreds of plants into its design, you can carry out this theme easily.
  • The Modern Rustic Style — The homestyle, rustic look has been trending in the wedding industry for years, and it seems that this style will remain one of the best options for years to come. Wedding receptions that include wooden furniture, homemade decor, and more are often described as rustic chic. 
  • The Contemporary Industrial Look — Industrial weddings with modern flair give couples a lot of flexibility in carrying out their vision. With many warehouse event spaces popping up in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, it’s clear that this is a popular wedding style that is here to stay.

Searching for Inspiration: Where to Find the Best Wedding Style Ideas

Narrowing down your wedding style is one of the first decisions you should make during the planning process, but you may not know where to look for inspiration. If you are unsure of what you want to do or simply want to know what’s out there, you should spend some time researching and brainstorming ideas. Some of the best places to search for inspiration include wedding photography websites, social media, wedding magazines, and even your gallery of photographs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

Before you finalize your decision, you will want to consider the following factors: 

  • Your wedding budget. Your budget will determine the venue that you can book, the amount of money that you can spend on decorations, and your ability to hire specific vendors. You should choose a theme that you can carry out within your proposed budget.
  • Your favorite wedding venues. If you love a historic ballroom, you should avoid contemporary themes, such as the industrial look or the rustic approach.
  • The colors that you want to use. Most couples select two or three colors that define their day, so you should make sure that your theme will match the color scheme that you have chosen.
  • The timing of your wedding. You may select a different theme based on whether you are having a fall wedding in Maryland or a springtime wedding in Washington DC.

Choosing a Wedding Style that is Personal and Relevant

While you may rely on what’s trending for inspiration, you must choose a personal wedding style that reflects your interests and passions as a couple. This is the best way to have an authentic day that feels relaxed — because you and your new spouse will feel as if you are immersed in your world. Do not try to be something you are not on your wedding day simply because it will look good on Instagram. Instead, find a theme that feels yours uniquely, and carry that out throughout the entire event.

You can choose a wedding style that is personal and natural for you both as a couple by:

  • Reflecting on your story as a couple. Think about how you met, the most important places to you, some of your inside jokes, and some things that you love to do together.
  • Thinking about when you both feel most comfortable. If you both adore dressing up and going out for a night on the town, then a traditional wedding with a traditional theme may be a great fit. If you both prefer to spend your time with your toes in the sand, you may consider a waterfront wedding with a relaxed theme.
  • Considering the interior design trends that you incorporate into your home. Your wedding should feel like being at home, so you may want to add some design styles that you love to your wedding theme.

Finding a Photographer Who Will Capture Your Wedding Style

Once you have decided on the style for your wedding, you will want to focus on searching for wedding photographers who will effortlessly capture your day and highlight your chosen style. You can find the right wedding photographer in Washington DC by: 

  • Searching for wedding photographers in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia and browsing their online galleries. Most wedding photographers have an active social media presence that highlights their style. 
  • Hiring a local wedding photographer familiar with the best wedding venues in the area. 
  • Have an open and honest conversation with your photographer early in the planning process about your wedding style, what type of images you want from your wedding day, and how you want your wedding day to go. This allows you and the photographer to decide if it will be a good fit.

Weddings in Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC are known for their effortless style and sophisticated nature. If you are planning a wedding at one of the best wedding venues in the region, you must hire an experienced local photographer who knows how to capture every aspect of your day in the best possible light.


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