Types of Wedding Venues That You Will Find in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Washington DC is one of the best places to host your wedding ceremony. This sophisticated city features touches of history around every corner while simultaneously embracing the beauty of modernity. As a result, there are many different types of wedding venues in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, allowing couples to find a space that feels like theirs and bring their ideas to life for their wedding receptions.

These are the most common types of venues and spaces for weddings in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia:

Classic and Traditional Hotel Ballrooms

As the nation’s capital, Washington DC welcomes thousands of visitors each year — ranging from important diplomats and foreign dignitaries to families, tourists, and students hoping to explore this ever-important city. As a result, there are more than 100 hotels in Washington DC, many of which boast elegant ballrooms perfect for weddings. 

The hotel ballrooms in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Virginia range from classic designs that can easily be customized to suit your style to opulent rooms fit for royalty. Within a hotel ballroom, the wedding photography opportunities are endless. Not only do these elegant rooms lend themselves to soft, beautiful images, but they’re also many possibilities when it comes to taking traditional portraits on your wedding day.

Warehouse Chic Event Spaces

Many modern couples are stepping away from tradition and forging their path forward, opting for a more contemporary look for their wedding day. As a result, there are many warehouses and industrial event spaces in Washington DC and the surrounding region. Known for their high ceilings, exposed brick, and industrial settings, these event spaces offer a modern atmosphere where couples can customize the space. 

Couples planning an event at one of the warehouse event spaces in Washington DC will want to work with a photographer who is familiar with the best venues in the city and who knows how to capture breathtaking images in these innovative spaces. Be sure that the wedding photographer you hire understands the importance of incorporating the details into your pictures, as these tell the whole story of your wedding day.

Historic Homes and Buildings

Couples who want to pay homage to the past while looking forward to the future will find endless opportunities to host a historically-influenced wedding in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia. It seems like an elegant historic building around every corner in Washington DC, with each building telling its own story of success, setbacks, and challenges. So many of these landmark spaces in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia played a pivotal role in developing our country. Your wedding could be another history-making event that takes place there. 

Examples of the types of historic homes and buildings that double as wedding venues in Washington DC include: 

  • Historic mansions
  • Museums
  • Churches and cathedrals 
  • Monuments
  • Historic hotels and restaurants

Suppose you are interested in hosting your wedding at a historic venue in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia. In that case, you will want to hire a photographer who knows how to incorporate the venue’s past while showcasing the present love you and your future spouse have for one another.

Trendy Restaurants with Eclectic Vibes

If the words intimate and interesting would best describe your dream wedding, you may want to consider one of the trendy restaurants in Washington DC, Baltimore, or Virginia. These cities are home to some of the world’s most diverse dining experiences, and each locally-owned restaurant has a culture, flavor, and atmosphere that is different than the next.

Restaurants in Washington DC are the ideal wedding venue for couples who are hosting a smaller gathering of close family members and friends. When you plan a wedding at a Baltimore restaurant or a Washington DC bar, you will want to work with a wedding photographer who knows how to maneuver through your guests and capture candid moments throughout the day. Your photographer should have the ability to be everywhere — and nowhere — at the same time. 

Sprawling Farms and Winding Vineyards

Couples who want to reconnect with the outside world on their wedding days will have to look outside of the Washington DC area to find a farm-like setting for their wedding. Fortunately, there are many farm and vineyard venues in Maryland and Virginia, making this option attainable for nature-loving couples. 

Farms and vineyards are versatile wedding venues because they provide couples with options for their wedding ceremony and wedding receptions. For example, some couples who book these venues opt for outdoor ceremonies and strolling receptions. In contrast, others select an outdoor ceremony location and an indoor reception site, such as a centennial barn. 

If you hope to plan a relaxed wedding in a picturesque setting, then the farms and vineyards in Maryland and Virginia are the perfect options. It also provides your wedding photographer with endless opportunities to capture bright, airy, and romantic portraits among the rolling hills and grape leaves.

Waterfront Wedding Venues

Located on the shores of the Potomac, Washington DC is known for its riverfront views. Couples hoping to have a wedding on the water will find that many venues take advantage of this pristine location and offer waterfront event spaces. 

Some waterfront wedding venues in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia include: 

  • Hotels with waterfront views.
  • Restaurants with rooftop event spaces.
  • Yachts that travel along the water during your ceremony.
  • Parks that overlook the Potomac River.

If you are planning a waterfront wedding in Washington DC, you will want to work with your wedding photographer to create a timeline for the day. Wedding photographers know that the best time to shoot on or near the water is during golden hour when the sun’s warm glow casts an appealing light on you and your guests. You may want to consider a late afternoon or early evening wedding if it will take place on or near the water.

Estate and Plantation Venues 

Just outside of Washington DC, you will discover that there are many historic estates and plantations that double as wedding venues. These elegant and stately properties provide you with a landmark venue for your event and breathtaking grounds that are perfect for wedding photography. Additionally, many estates and plantations in Maryland and Virginia host weddings and other large-scale events.

The venue for your wedding ceremony and reception will set the style and tone for your entire event. Therefore, it’s essential to hire one of the Washington DC wedding photographers familiar with the best local wedding venues and who knows how to capture the best shots within that space. As the local wedding photography expert, I have had access to some of the most exclusive wedding venues in the region, and I am proud of my creative and innovative work within these spaces. 

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