Old or New: Which Wedding Traditions Will You Want to Keep and Which Should You Ditch

Wedding traditions have been around for thousands of years, with some meant to help protect the happy couple from evil spirits and others to represent the pure intentions of the couple. While each of these traditions is unique in its origins, very few make much sense in the modern world anymore. If you plan your wedding somewhere in the Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and Baltimore area, below are a few traditions that it’s time to ditch and a few worth keeping around.

Ditch: The Cake Smash

While smashing the cake into the bride’s face can get quite a few laughs and maybe some silly photos to look back at, it may also lead to messed up makeup, a damaged dress, and bad feelings. With plenty of photos throughout the rest of the evening, messing up the bride’s special day look could be a disaster. You can skip the cake feeding altogether or make it a more romantic affair. 

Keep: The Family Dances

The father-daughter dance and mother-son dances have always been a wonderful tradition that honors the loved ones in the bride and groom’s life. While these no longer have to be traditional, keeping family and making the moment just about them is important. So whether the bride and groom want to dance with both parents, grandparents, or even their children, these moments make unforgettable memories and fabulous photographs. 

Ditch: The Diamond Ring

Diamonds have always been a symbol of engagement and marriage. They are strong and brilliant to the eye, but also very expensive. On top of that, a diamond may not be your bride’s favorite stone. So, before you drop two months’ salary on a ring, she may be afraid to wear it because of its cost. So why not take the time to find one that truly fits her personality? There is now a wide range of engagement rings and wedding sets that incorporate other stones, and these types show up equally brilliant and beautiful in wedding photographs.

Keep: The Wedding Processional

Wedding processionals vary from wedding to wedding, but they are an excellent way for friends and family to be a part of the celebration and the bride to be the center of attention on her big day. It also makes for fantastic wedding photography, especially when including precocious flower girls and ring bearers. Tradition no longer applies when it comes to your escort down the aisle. You can be escorted by anyone important in her life, and even go alone if you choose.

Ditch: The Long White Gown

While white is perfect for weddings, don’t confine yourself to the color simply because of tradition. The ideal wedding dress is the dress you feel beautiful in, no matter the style, cut, or color. Brides are now sporting short gowns, pantsuits, and party dresses to walk down the aisle instead of the traditional long white flowing gowns. The sky is also the limit for colors, with some brides preferring to incorporate their wedding colors in their dresses. Instead of veils, brides can also try out different headpieces, such as clips and crowns. Whatever you choose, be sure it makes you feel beautiful so that your amazing smile will come through in each photograph, showing you looking as good as you feel.

Keep: The Honeymoon

The honeymoon tradition was originally to whisk the bride away and hide her from her family, but it has now become a vacation many couples look forward to. Let’s face it. Weddings can be stressful, and getting away from it all and enjoying yourself after it is all done is a great way to brush off the stress. Don’t spend yourself in debt for your honeymoon, though. It could be a week’s vacation in a tropical destination or even a weekend away. If you already have a lot of what you need for your home, it is acceptable to ask for honeymoon fund donations in place of gifts.

Ditch: Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses were initially designed to be the same to confuse evil spirits and protect the bride. Even though many superstitions left weddings centuries ago, many brides still believe that bridesmaids should wear matching attire, sometimes even down to their shoes. The big problem with this is that bridesmaids are all different and what flatters one’s body and skin tone may not look right on another. You can either let your bridesmaids pick out a few styles in a specific color palette or choose a couple of gowns in complementary colors that will work with your bridesmaids’ body types. Your bridesmaid will be comfortable, and your photos will feature all smiles.


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