How to Plan Your Wedding with Your Photographer in Mind

The process of planning a wedding in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia consists of several significant decisions — and seemingly a million small choices along the way. However, each selection feels incredibly important. Every detail will eventually tie together to pull off the look and atmosphere you dream of for your wedding day. 

In all likelihood, every one of these details will be featured in your wedding photo gallery, so it’s essential to keep your photographer in mind as you finalize your plans.

Here’s what wedding photographers want you to know about planning a wedding at one of the best wedding venues in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia:

Consider the Lighting When You Look at Wedding Venues

As you explore the various wedding venues in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, you will find many different types. From hotel ballrooms and historic estates to warehouse event spaces and vineyards, you will be able to find the wedding venue of your dreams in the Washington DC area. While you may spend most of your time during the venue tours learning more about the facility, its available spaces, the catering options, and the optional upgrades, you will also want to pay attention to the lighting. Choosing one of the best wedding venues with good lighting will significantly impact the type of images you receive in your gallery. Therefore, it’s best to plan your tours for the same time of year and time of day that your wedding takes place to evaluate the lighting conditions best.

Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline to Optimize Your Photography Package

If you are hoping to have every moment of your day documented, you will want to plan your wedding day timeline based on the photography package that you select. For example, suppose you book a package that includes eight hours of total coverage. In that case, you will want to ensure that your wedding ceremony, portrait session, and wedding reception fit within that timeframe. On the other hand, if you feel that you will prefer extended coverage, starting when you begin getting ready and finishing up during the dancing, you will choose a package that offers more extended hours or all-day coverage.

Maintain a Consistent Color Palette and Theme Throughout Your Wedding Details

Consistency is critical when pulling together all of the details for your wedding. Your wedding photographer will likely spend a lot of time crafting unique and delicate detail shots that showcase the work you put into your day, so it’s essential to maintain a similar color palette and style across every detail. For instance, if you use a particular font for your invitations, you will also want to use that same font and style for your wedding paper products, such as your program, seating chart, table numbers, etc. At the same time, the colors that you utilize in your wedding invitations should be present in your flower bouquet, your linens, your centerpieces, and even in your bridal party formal wear.

Remember that Your Decor Becomes the Background of Your Wedding Images

It’s easy to forget about your wedding photo gallery when you are in the thick of wedding planning. However, you need to remember that wedding photographers set out to tell the story of your day — and they utilize every inch of the space they are given in the wedding venue. Whatever you choose to decorate, the room used for your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception will be included in your photographs, so you may want to opt for softer touches and delicate details rather than ornate and busy pieces of decor that may be distracting in the images.

Partner with Your Photographer to Choose Portrait Locations

Depending on your wedding ceremony and reception location, you may decide to take your wedding portraits on-site at your venue or another area. Before you make your final decision, include your photographer in the process. Wedding photographers are very familiar with the best portrait locations in the Washington DC area, and they know what needs to be done to access those locations. For instance, special considerations need to be made if you want your portraits taken in front of the most famous Washington DC monuments. Allow your photographer to use their professional expertise to guide you, as they know where will be the best place to capture incredible images for your wedding.

Create a Timeline for the Wedding Day that is Realistic and Reasonable

It may be tempting to create a minute-by-minute timeline that everyone will have to adhere to on the wedding day, but if you go that route, you and everyone involved with your wedding will end up stressed and frustrated. Instead, design a timeline with some flexibility and room for delays — because something will go wrong on your wedding day. When you build in extra time, you allow yourself to feel more relaxed while also giving your wedding photographer the freedom to be more creative as they capture the day’s events.

Choose a Song for Your First Dance that Allows You to Move Freely and Happily

One of the most common mistakes made at wedding receptions is that couples select a song for their first dance that may be meaningful to them — but it’s challenging to move to. The images from the first dance are some of the most romantic and captivating photos from the wedding day, but your photographer can only capture these whimsical shots if you choose the right song. If you need recommendations, talk with your photographer about songs that previous clients have chosen for their first dance that worked well for taking pictures.

If You are Looking for Candid Images, Build in Time for Relaxed Conversation Amongst Your Guests

Many couples crave natural, candid images from their wedding day — but these moments can’t happen without a bit of help during the planning process. To get great shots of you and your guests enjoying the wedding day, you have to create a timeline that allows for relaxed conversation, gentle movements, and genuine connection. Then, when you build this into your wedding day schedule, you will get those incredible candid shots that you are hoping for, but you will also genuinely enjoy the experience of your wedding day.

Weddings in Washington DC range from intimate elopements and outdoor ceremonies to lavish affairs in elegant hotel ballrooms. No matter what type of wedding you are designing, you will need to keep your wedding photography desires in mind throughout the entire planning process. When you consider the work that wedding photographers are going to be doing while you are planning, you will end up with breathtaking images from your wedding that truly reflect the hard work and effort you put into the day.

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